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Theodore Payne Foundation | A Little Garden's Story: Habitat in Containers with Barbara Chung

On October 21st, I'm teaching a class at Theodore Payne Foundation. Theodore Payne Foundation has inspired and educated Southern Californians about the beauty and ecological benefits of California native plants for over 70 years, and I'm honored to take part in their work.

Registration for my class, "A Little Garden's Story: Habitat in Containers with Barbara Chung," is now open. I'll share stories about my native plant container garden, a small patio that is home to over 200 plants and a mini-nursery that has yielded another 750 plants, and talk about my vision for the garden, how it has evolved, and the wildlife visitors who frequent it. I'll also reflect on how the garden has cared for me in return.

This garden shows that even in an urban setting, even without land, even without lots of money, we can make our spaces part of the natural world. In return, plants and wildlife will teach us how they live and how to move with grace through a world that sorely needs it.

Barbara sitting in her container garden during fall
Photo by Erin Johnson for Theodore Payne Foundation


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